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[Solved - MCS044] Medical Store Management SRS



  • Project Name: - Medical Store Management 
  • This project is used mainly for medical stores to maintain the details of medical store such as stock and account. 
  • This medical shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes inventory and stock control, accounting, client management

Scope & Objectives 

As this is generic software it can be used by a wide variety of outlets (Retailers) to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining the stock and cash flows. 
This project is basically updating the manual chemist inventory System To Automated inventory system, So that organization can manage their record in efficient and organized form.

This software helps you to track all the products of medical shop moreover it’s a medical shop accounting software. Flexible and adaptive software suited to medical shops or stores or pharmacies of any size. 
 Project Characteristics: 
 Customer management 
 Transition management 
 Sales management 
 Reporting

 The main goal of the application is to maintain the records of purchase, Sales and stock details with cash transaction maintenance. 
 Medical Store Management software is very needy for Medical Store . This software help them maintain day to day transactions in computer.

Background & Specification

A medical store needs to maintain its inventory of medicines and other products using a 
computerized system. It is planning to create a network of computers which should be 
placed at various sales and cash counters. It also proposes to have a centralized 
workstation for the database and system administrators. Customer orders are accepted 
at the sales counters which in turn produces a medicine collection challan. The challan 
includes the order number, name of medicine, batch number, date of expiry, shelf 
number where it is kept and quantity ordered. One order may contain more than one 
medicine. As per challan, medicines are put in a basket by a person, who passes it to 
billing assistant. Billing assistant checks the medicine is as per the challan, any 
shortcoming is either corrected or reported to customer. On receiving conformation 
from the customer the bill is generated. The cash counter collects the money as per the 
bill and dispenses the medicine to the customer.

Project Features 

 There Will be two user Accessing System System 
 Manager : Who will act As Administrator 
 Other Staff: Who Will accessing the System 
 User The Features for manager are 
       Add ,delete update any product 
 Manage store i-e(put price,make salaries,Calculate Revenue )

User Classes and Characteristics 

 User Of project include customers and staff 
 Customer can be Member or visitor who are accessing this system. 
 Staff Which act as administrator and controlling overall system 
 User Should IT literate And know to use computer 
 Cashier Should Know Data entry & Typing 
 Manager should have knowledge of Internet & Browsing 

Operating environment 

 This project will be operating in windows environment.Also compatible with internet explorer. 
 The only requirement For using this project is having machine. Design and implemention constraints 
 This project is developed using java.on the back hand for database we are using Sql server. The product is Accomplished With the login facility for user. User Documentation 
 This project will include a user manual. The user manual include Complete overview of the producst,Configuration of the Tool used (Sql Sever or other), technical details, backup procedures and Contact Information which will include email address and Ph# .

Hardware Requirements 

 Processor : 1.6 Ghz and above
 RAM : 1GB RAM 
 Monitor : 1 5”Colour Monitor 
 Processor Speed : 1.7 GHZ 
 Hard disk : 10GB HDD 
 CD Drive : 52- X CD ROM 
 Keyboard : Mercury 110 Keys 
 Mouse : Logitech Mouse

System Features Description & priorirty 

 Proposed Database is intended to store, retrieve, update, andmanipulate information related to Chemist which include 
 Order Processing & taking 
 Staff information 
 Customer Bill Detail 
 Product Details 
 Calculation of Revenue
 Searching of product 
 Remainder About Products expiry,Shaortage 
 Generate Reports

Functional Requirements 

 The software must allow input of products data from Administrator& secured access at , and from the data streaming real-time monitoring equipment 
 The project must request username and password for access to data, only after authentication will allow access to the system. 
 The project must require high levels of error correction and input validation. 
 The project must allow browsing by the Director&Staff of Cms To Acces And update information products & Customers ,vendors. 
 The project must identify the Products & Customer by a unique numeric identifier derived from a function performed on the Customer’s birth date or product Id;

Safety Requirements 

 The Database may get crashed or damaged due to some viruses or operating system requirements.Therefore Its is mandatory to have backup for your data.Ups/inverter facility should be there in case of power failure. 
 Security Requirements 
 System will use secure Database 
 Staff can just see the products & mark their attendance .They Cannot edit or,modify anything except their personal information. 
 Proper user Authentication Will be provided. 
 There should be separate account for Admin &user. So that no one else can access the database except Admin.

User requirements 

 The User Of system are Staff ,Managers and customer of the store.
 The members share assumed to have basic knowledge of computer & internet browsing While administrator of system should have more knowledge so he/she can resolve small problems and perform information’s.
 The user manual ,installation guide and other related material should be sufficient to educate the user how to use and maintain the system.

DFD 0 Level
DFD 1 level
DFD Level 1

Download complete pdf for reference DFD, ERD and Data Dicionary
Click Here


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