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[Solved] Differentiate between a weak entity and a strong entity set. Identify these entity sets in the above diagram.

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Key Differences Between Strong Entity and Weak Entity

  1. The basic difference between strong entity and a weak entity is that the strong entity has a primary key whereas, a weak entity has the partial key which acts as a discriminator between the entities of a weak entity set.
  2. A weak entity always depends on the strong entity for its existence whereas, a strong entity is independent of any other entity’s existence.
  3. A strong entity is denoted with a single rectangle and a weak entity is denoted with a double rectangle.
  4. The relationship between two strong entities is denoted with single diamond whereas, a relationship between a weak and a strong entity is denoted with double diamond called Identifying Relationship.
  5. The strong entity may or may not show the total participation in its relations, but the weak entity always shows total participation in the identifying relationship which is denoted by the double line.


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