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[Solved MCS-044] Justify you selection by evaluating suitability of at least two SDLCs.

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Reason why we choose Waterfall model over Spiral Model

Spiral model
  1. Good for large and critical projects
  2. Working software is produced early during the lifecycle.
  3. Large amount of risk analysis.
As we know we don't have a big project, so there is no need to use Spiral Model

Reason why we choose Waterfall model over Iterative Model

Iterative Model

  1. Produces working software early during the life-cycle.
  2. More flexible as scope and requirement changes can be implemented at low cost.
  3. Testing and debugging is easier, as the iterations are small.
  4. Low risks factors as the risks can be identified and resolved during each iteration.
We already have a fixed requirement and already documented.


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