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Design an ER diagram for an ABC IT Training Institute that will meet t he  training  needs for
individuals and employees of corporate offices. Clearly indicate the entities, relationships,
cardinality and the key constraints. The description of the environment is as follows:
The Institute offers  5 advanced courses of 3 months duration each. The Institute has 20  faculty
and can handle upto 40  trainees  per  batch.  The training will be conducted batch wise. They can
accommodate maximum 5 batches per day (2 batches in the pre-lunch session and 3 batches in
the post-lunch session). The student can register upto 2 courses simultaneously. Training
consists of theory and practicals. Theory and practicals are scheduled on alternate days. Each
batch is assigned a faculty member who takes theory sessions as  well as practical sessions.
Sunday is holiday for everyone. A test will be conducted per course every week to continuously
evaluate the performance of the student. The question paper will be set by the faculty concerned
whoever is teaching the batch. The result/grade will be declared at the end of the third month
after conducting course-end exam. 
Write an algorithm for the implementation of a Stack.
Write a note of not more than 5 pages summarizing the latest research in the area
of  “Trees”.  Refer to various journals and other online resources. Indicate them in your
Write an algorithm that accepts a Binary Tree as input and prints the number of leaf
nodes to standard output.
Write an algorithm for the implementation of a AVL Tree.