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Explain relation of functional model with object model and dynamic model.

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Ans. Object and functional model

All four components of the functional model can be related to the object model.
The functional model shows the processes that have to be implemented in the methods of the objects. The processes in the functional model shows the objects that are related by function. Often one in- or output is the target (client) of a process. The other inputs are the parameters (suppliers). These client-supplier relationships establish implementation dependencies between the related classes.
These are the objects in the object model.
Data Stores
These are also objects in the object model or attributes of objects
Data Flows
These are values in the object model. Data flows to or from actors represent operations on or by objects. Data flows to or from data stores represent queries or updates.

Dynamic and functional model

The relationship between these two models is that the dynamic model states when operations are perfomed, and the functional model states how they are performed and which arguments are needed. There is however a difference between operations on actors and operations on data stores. Because actors are active objects, the dynamic model has to specify when it acts. The data stores are passive objects, they only respond to updates and queries, therefore you do not have to specify in the dynamic model when they act.


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