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a) For the following fuzzy sets:

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a) For the following fuzzy sets:
X = {x/0.7,  y/0.3,  z/0,  u/1,  v/0.4} and Y = {x/0.3,  y/0.8,  z/0.6,
u/0.9, v/0}
Find (i) X U Y (ii) X ∩Y’ (iii) (X U Y)’ (iv) (X ∩Y)’
(b) Write a note on Non-monotonic reasoning systems.
(c) Discuss briefly various methods/ mechanism for  handling
incompleteness of a knowledge-base.
(d) Describe briefly each of the components of an expert system shell.
(e) What is an agent? Discuss briefly different (at least four) types of


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