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a) Transform the FOPL statement given below in to equivalent conceptual graph

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a)  Transform the FOPL statement given below in to equivalent 
conceptual graph 
∀x (Has Wings(x)Λ Layseggs(x) → Bird(x)) 

b) Transform the following conceptual graph in to FOPL statement 
[PERSONA: Anil] ←(AGENT)←[DRINK] →(OBJECT) →[Food: 
Milk]→←(Instrument Glass) 

(c) Give Semantic Net representation of the facts given below : 
“Shobhit is a 52 year old Professor of Computer Science in a 
University. The name of his wife, son and daughter  are 
respectively Seema, Yashasvi and Savita”. 
(d) Create a frame network for terrestrial motor vehicles (cars, trucks, 
motorcycles) and give one complete frame in detail for cars which 
includes the slots for the main component parts, their attributes, 
and relations between parts. Include an as-needed slot for the gas 

of each type mileage. 


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