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What are the practical application of Hamilton path& circuit?

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 What are the practical application of Hamilton path& circuit? State  Dirac’s and Ore’s theorems for a Hamilton circuit. 

Abstract: Multi-threshold CMOS (MTCMOS) is currently the most popular methodology in industry for implementing a power gating design, which can effectively reduce the leakage power by turning off inactive circuit domains. However, large peak current may be consumed in a power-gated domain during its sleep-to-active mode transition. As a result, major IC foundries recommend turning on power switches one by one to reduce the peak current during the mode transition, which requires a Hamiltonian-cycle routing to serially connect all the power switches. ...
  • Another """application""" (note the triple quotes :-) is puzzle games ... for example in the game RoundTrip (a.k.a. GrandTour) you must find an Hamiltonian circuit in a grid of points in which some of the edges are given.
enter image description here
But there are many other puzzles/videogames that are directly inspired by the Hamiltonian circuit/path problem: Inertia, Pearl, Rolling Cube Puzzles, Slither,...
... and the "hardness" of HC makes them addictive: even small instances can be very hard to solve for our brain!!!


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