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Differentiate between Predicate & Propositional logic

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Differentiate between Predicate & Propositional logic. Identify some 
application areas where Predicate & Propositional logic is used. 
Write De-Morgan’s laws for Predicate & Propositional logic. Do the 
Universal Quantification & Existential Quantification, represents 
generalized version of conjunction & disjunction operations, 
respectively? Justify your answer with suitable arguments. Using 
which mechanism you verify the validity of the statement? Discuss 
with suitable example.

For each of the following formulae, construct a truth-table, and then 
determine whether it is valid, consistent or inconsistent: 
(i) (~ C ®~ D) ®(D ®C) 

(ii) ((~ C nD) →B) ®(~ C ®B) 


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