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Asking Wh-Questions. Example: You want to know where the nearest payphone is.

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Asking Wh-Questions. Example:
   You want to know where the nearest payphone is. 
  Where’s the nearest payphone? 
   Now make questions in a similar ways. 

i.   Find out when Mr. Ragavan will be back. 
ii.   You’d like to know why the sales office hasn’t called. 
iii.   Find out when the manager normally arrives at the office. 
iv.   You want to know why the consignment has been delayed. 
v.     Find out what number you should dial for directory inquiry. 
vi.    You’re interested in knowing where he is phoning from. 
vii.   You need to know where you could reach your boss. 
viii.   Find out what the mobile number of the Managing Director is. 
ix.     Find out how she spells her name. 
x.      Find out the way to the office. 


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