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What are Demorgan’s Law? Explain the use of Demorgen’s law with example.

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The complement of the union of two sets is the intersection of their complements and the complement of the intersection of two sets is the union of their complements.These are called De Morgan’s laws

De Morgan’s Laws:
For any two sets A and B the following laws known as De Morgan’s laws, hold

1. (A B)′ = A′∩ B ′, and Fig. 7: Augustus De
2. (A∩ B)′ = A′ B′

De Morgan’s laws can also be expressed as
1. A ~ (B C) = (A~ B) ∩ (A~ C)
2. A ~ (B∩ C)= (A~ B) (A~ C) Fig. 7: Augustus De
Each of the properties above corresponds to a related property for mathematical
statements in logic


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