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Project Name: Resource Maintenance and Management

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An Organisation has a single office in a town. The organisation has a number of resources that are used by its office staff. These resources include non-technological resources like conference rooms, transport vehicles etc., electrical devices like AC, Fans, Electric kettle, etc. and ICT equipment like Computer and printers. All these equipments are under servicing contract. In addition, equipments whose price is less than INR 10,000/- are purchased in surplus. The organization stores the maintenance history of each of its resource. Also every year all the stock which was purchased 5 years back is auctioned. New machines are purchased to replace these machines. The company also maintains the stock register and every year a depreciation of 20% is recorded in the book value of equipment. The company also tracks all its revenue which is due to monthly sale of its services- like hiring of conference rooms, holding an event etc. Every weekend engineers of the maintenance agencies visit the Organisation, take away all the damaged equipment for repair and return them by Monday. Some equipments are not taken away but preventive maintenance is performed of those equipment at the site. The company must keep track of status of all the equipments as a policy. You need to develop a computer based MIS about the uses and maintenance of equipment. This MIS system should be able to predict the future purchases, usage and maintenance history of all equipments. It should also inform the efficiency of the maintenance agencies. You must do proper analysis of the requirements and do a good design. Use suitable data structure/database to create this system. You may add more functionality into the system. 


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