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Project Name: Implementation Concurrency Related Problems ....

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Assume there is a fixed size (say 4 blocks) memory area shared by 20 processes which may either read or write on those areas. Each process can seek access of one block for either reading or writing. A reader process can only read the data but it does not modify it, whereas, a writer process modifies the data of a given block. Thus, many reader processes can lock a data block in READ only mode whereas, a writer can lock the data block only if it is not locked by any other process in READ 
or WRITE mode. A process can write on the area if it obtains the WRITE lock on the data block. You must ensure the correctness of the updates of shared blocks. Also many processes may be allowed to access the shared block for reading at the same time. Write a program using semaphores that ensures proper reading and writing, you should also make sure that no process starves for a long time for reading or writing. You may make suitable assumptions for the implementation. You may use any programming language for this implementation.  


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