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[Solved]: Queue, moving the element at the tail to the head

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Suppose I have a queue where I pull from left and push to the right, and suppose I have the contents in the queue as $a b c @ d e$ (from left to right, left is head, right is tail).

Is there a simple algorithm that doesn't require extra structures that makes $e$ at the head? meaning to get us to the queue $eabc@d$?

P.S.: I need an algorithm like that for the purpose of a queue automaton.

Asked By : TheNotMe

Answered By : Gari BN

If you can only push (enqueue) or pull (dequeue) from the queue, then your only option is to pull all the elements and re-enter them.

If you need such an operation, you can use deque (double-ended queue). See: .

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