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Online Peer review system

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A Peer reviewed online Journal keeps track of all the articles received by it using an online system. It has a list of reviewers in which reviewers are added or deleted. A reviewer can be assigned articles of one area only. An article is identified by an article id, title, authors (can be more than one), expertise area and status. On submission of an article, it is sent to two reviewers who are given a time of two weeks to review the article and send back the comments. You need not make this process in your system, rather just keep track to whom the article was sent. When the comments from reviewer’s are received they are entered in a database. In addition to comments, the reviewer must give a recommendation which can be – “Accepted”, “Send back for modifications as per comments”, “Rejected”. All such information is suitably updated in the online database. An author is asked to check the status of his/her article from time to time. The system tracks the status of every article. Analyse the requirements in details and design & develop the online peer-review system for the online Journal.


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