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Relation between Machine code and Von Neumann architecture

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Since machine language executes instructions on ALU, CPU register and memory, is correct say that machine code abstract the Von Neumann model?

If exists, semantically, what is the relation between machine code and Von Neumann architecture?

Asked By : Alexandre Thebaldi
Answered By : David Richerby

Asking whether machine code abstracts the von Neumann model is a category error – it's a statement that doesn't type-check. The von Neumann model is essentially a system architecture: it's a way of designing computers. Machine code is a sequence of instructions: a way of telling a computer what to do. Those are two completely different things.

Machine code arguably doesn't abstract anything. It's the most concrete, specific thing there is: it runs on only one specific kind of CPU (or perhaps a family of very closely related ones).

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