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Modelling a dependency of multiple transitions on data in one place

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Problem Detail: 

We are modeling our process using a colored Petri net. One of the limitations we have is that when multiple transitions depend on one place, only one of those transitions will fire because then the token and data is consumed.

How can we model our process, or what type of Petri net property can we use, to facilitate the fact that multiple transitions can depend on one place and all have to be able to consume the same token?

Asked By : Erwin Rooijakkers
Answered By : Raphael

I do not know if there is a variant of Petri nets that captures your intent exactly -- there probably is, there are so many -- but the feature can be expressed with regular Petri nets.

Just add a transition that creates tokens in multiple places, one per original transitions. Then, all three follow-up transitions can fire after the preceding one is done.

enter image description here

Introduce whatever syntax you want to express this neatly, and implement it using multiple places in the backend.

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