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Is it or is it not correct to say that the expected runtime of an algorithm is its runtime on the expected problem size? Why?

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Say we have an algorithm that takes time $T$ to process a problem of size $n$.

Is $\langle T(n)\rangle $ = $T(\langle n\rangle)$?

Asked By : Tushar Rakheja
Answered By : Yuval Filmus

In general, it does not hold that $\DeclareMathOperator{\EE}{\mathbb{E}}\EE[f(X)] = f(\EE[X])$. For example, suppose that $X=0$ with probability $1/2$ and $X=1$ with probability $1/2$, and that $f(x) = x^2$. Then $\EE[f(X)] = 1/2$ whereas $f(\EE[X]) = 1/4$.

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