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Computing gaussian kernel for image blurring

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When I compute a gaussian kernel for image blurring should I normalize the 1D vectors? Because when I apply the raw values sometimes the image gets lighter or darker. The function I'm using is $f(x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi}\sigma}e^{\frac{-x^2}{2\sigma^2}}$ or the 2D function. So, should I just apply the results using cross correlation/convolution or should I normalize first?

Asked By : Júlio César Batista
Answered By : Evil

Your function is used to compute 2D kernel, which you should normalize, otherwise if the sum of used weights is higher than $1$ your image gets lighter, when it is smaller it gets darker. You should not normalize vectors, because you apply 2D kernel, so normalized 1D vectors will not help.

The operation that you perform is convolution, not correlation, which in common meaning would try to measure how similar is the part of image to given kernel.

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