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Topological Sort without modifying the graph or marking edges

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I have a DAG which I want to traverse in a topological order. Wikipedia describes two algorithms for topological sorting, which both work in theory but seem impractical to me from a design point of view: Kahn's algorithm modifies the graph (by removing edges) and the DFS-based one marks nodes, which would require me to modify my node classes (by adding a boolean field) and is furthermore not thread safe.

Are there more practical approaches, that preserve the asymptotic runtime but do not interfere with my business logic so much?

Asked By : jederik
Answered By : Steve Cooper

Instead of seting a 'mark' flag;

 node.Marked = true; 

You can maintain a set of marked nodes in a hashtable or similar;

 hashTable[node] = true; 

You now have to pass the hash table around, but it's O(n) for space and O(1) to check if a node is marked.

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