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[Solved]: What is a problem, a task, and a solution?

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I am attending algorithms and data structures course in my University and my professor gave me an interesting question the other day. He told me to think about it.

What is a problem, a task, and a solution?

It seems to me like it's more of a philosophical question. All of those 3 things correlate to one another.

To me, it seems like if we have a problem, we then have a task to solve it, which we might be able to do with an algorithm, which is a solution.

What do you guys think would be the answer to this question? Does it have some kind of deeper meaning about algorithms, or am I just overthinking it?

Asked By : Whiz

Answered By : Muhammad Asif

A problem is that you're trying to study Algorithms(seriously, its a real world problem). By posting this question here, you've performed a task, in order to solve a part of that problem. A complete solution would be when you understand the problem, perform a set of tasks in order to solve that problem. Seems to be fun? Actually, it is.

Lets understand with a better example, You want to become a good Software(Don't get deep in this term or change it with Web or whatever you'd like) Developer. It is a problem. Now you're attending some courses to fulfill that dream, this a task for the solution of that problem. Another task could be that you practice & sharpen your CS skills on your own. And many more such tasks. All these tasks collectively form a solution.

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