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[Solved]: Matrix usage in CS

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I'm studying a major in CS. I'm interested in taking a few extra courses, specifically math to improve my knowledge as future computer scientist.

Right now I'm thinking to take Matrix Fundamentals but I'm not sure if it is going to help me in my CS career. What are its uses apart from arrays in programming?

Asked By : blade

Answered By : Billiska

Just like you might model real-world things with a set, you model some other real-world things with a matrix. Things that you might model as a matrix ranges includes:

  • product-user rating table
  • between places distance table
  • bitmap images

Modelling things with matrix allow you to see the problem in different perspective. And allow you to see what it might actually mean to apply some matrix operations to it.

For example, you might notice that matrix multiplication on 'distance table' actually gives you a transitive distances.

Or that rank-factorization of product-user rating table actually provides a mean to categorize users into groups that have the same taste.

Or that know eigen vectors helps in understanding the eigen faces that one corner stone in face recognition.

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