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[Solved]: Getting the essential from the fundamental matrix

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Is it possible to get E from F? I suppose that can't work, because then I could calculate the the extrinsic (and maybe also intrinsic?) parameters of the cameras without a calibration object of known size etc. like so:

  1. Pick (8) corresponding points in images i1 and i2
  2. Calculate F with the eight-point-algorithm
  3. Calculate E from F
  4. Determine relative position and orientation of cameras from E (and maybe it is also possible to get the intrinsic parameters, K?)
Asked By : user1809923

Answered By : Dima

You can only get the essential matrix from the fundamental matrix if you know the camera intrinsics:

E = K' * F * K

where K is the intrinsic matrix and K' is its transpose.

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