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Pi in place of binary

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Some time ago, I asked this question but no one quite understood it or was able to answer. I deleted the original question and have since decided to try it again.

As I understand it, all things digital are originally based on ones and zeros - binary code.

However, I have wondered for some time if it would be possible (now or in the future) to use the digits of pi (22/7) in place of the ones and zeros.

So, my question, is it possible? Could it ever be?

Asked By : L.B.
Answered By : Evil

No it cannot happen for many reasons.
How would logic look like?
How would you add two numbers?
There is a big problem with telling apart $0$ and $1$ at high frequencies, so adding third option would be harder to manufacture. But encoding it with non-natural basis gets harder.
With non-natural base, all operations that we do are doomed.
If you consider that, try easy example: convert $4$ and $6.5$ into $\pi$ base, add them and write down result.
Since the finite precission kicks in, your basic addition fails. The only operation that would benefit from such base is $\pi + \pi$.

And the most efficient base is e.

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