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How many times do we access memory with a TLB?

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As I understand it, when we are on a virtual memory based system, we have to access memory 2 times (one for the Page Table and one for the physical address in RAM). But, how many times would we have to access if we had a TLB?

Asked By : gallina0x07CC
Answered By : Maharaj

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Whenever you want to access some data item then its VA need to be converted into PA.Page table contains the required VA and PA mappings but it(page table) is stored itself in memory so you need 2 main memory accesses 1 for Page Table and one for actual Data.

TLB is faster type of memory than RAM.When there is a TLB hit you get desired Physical address in TLB and you have to access main memory once for actual data. But if there is a TLB miss, you have to access memory twice as in above case.

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