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[Answers] What does $CS - CF$ means?

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What does $L_1 \in CS - CF$ means?

I think the meaning is $L_1$ can be generated by context-sensitive grammars, but cannot be generated by context-free grammars.

Am I understanding this correctly? Just to be sure.

Asked By : kate

Answered By : Lieuwe Vinkhuijzen

You understand this correctly. the set $CS - CF$ denotes the strict difference between these two levels of the Chomsky hierarchy. If you are reading this in a textbook, you will soon learn that $CS-FS \not= \emptyset$, that is, context-sensitive grammars are strictly more expressive than context-free ones. For example, context-sensitive grammars can count, whereas context-free ones, not so much: the language $\{a^nb^nc^n | n \in \mathbb{N}\} \in CS-CF$.

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