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[Answers] Is there a measure for connectedness?

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Is there a name for the "measure of connectedness", i.e. : $$\text{MoC} = \frac{d(G)}{|G|-1}$$ with domain of function $D_\text{MoC} = [0,1]$, average degree of graph $d(G)$ and amount of nodes $|G|$? Meaning a quantitive measure for connectedness or meshedness of a graph? E.g. a complete graph would have a MoC of 1, while a graph without edges would have a MoC of 0.

Asked By : ManuelSchneid3r

Answered By : Yuval Filmus

Your measure is known as the density of the graph, and is given by the formula $$ \frac{|E|}{\binom{|V|}{2}}, $$ where the graph is $G = (V,E)$.

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