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[Solved]: If P = NP, then is NP = FNP?

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Problem Detail: 

I read

FP = FNP iff P = NP

which makes sense.

But if P = NP, does it mean FNP = NP?

Intuitively, I think no because P = NP would mean that decision problems in NP would become decision problems in P. But I don't see how that would reduce search problems to decision problems.

Asked By : Ashara

Answered By : D.W.

No, it doesn't mean that FNP = NP. NP is a class of decision problems; FNP is a class of function problems. See the definition of FNP (e.g., on Wikipedia, or in any textbook). Therefore, the elements of NP have a different type than the elements of FNP.

It's like asking whether the set of tart apples is equal to the set of seedless oranges; one is a set of apples, the other is a set of oranges, so they're certainly not equal, and you don't need to know anything about exactly which apples are tart or which oranges are seedless to know that.

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