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[Solved]: Help need to learn Quantum Computation and Information

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I want to learn quantum computation and information. I am studying from Nielsen & Chuang book for this. Is there any online vedio (lecture series) starts from basics of quantum computation and information up to factorization, discrete log, search etc?

Asked By : user12290

Answered By : Niel de Beaudrap

I haven't watched them myself, but you could probably do worse than Michael Nielsen's videos, Quantum Computing for the Determined.

I'd recommend also that you look online for written lecture notes; there is a very strong culture in the field of having students scribe notes which then have a habit of finding their way online. These can sometimes vary substantially in quality, but often the lecturer will take them and edit them, resulting in quite a good set of notes. Just as an example that I grabbed off the top of Google, Ronald de Wolf's lecture notes seem fairly comprehensive; but others surely exist, and if you find the going hard with those notes, you will probably find one set of notes which better suits your learning style.

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